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The 30mm Flange that Started Bubka

The 30mm Flange that Started Bubka

Almost two years ago after my wife gave birth, the midwife wheeled in what I can only describe as a piece of heavy machinery - it was a corded electric breast pump. She placed some additional parts on the table and then left. This turned out to be 30mm flanges.

Since then, we have started Bubka and learnt so much about the importance of getting it right from the start. We continue to recognise the importance of proper sizing and expressing education for every mum.

Having found this old flange at home this week as we prep for Bub #2 it’s led us to wonder: What is the experience of IBCLCs and midwives in hospitals today? What information is provided to new mums about pumping? We know that milk supply needs time to be established but that doesn’t mean the process of learning to express for your baby should be ignored in those crucial first few days when mums have free access to health care professionals, midwives and IBCLCS. Because what’s the alternative? Learning about it on TikTok?

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