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Celebrating IWD!

Celebrating IWD!

Today we celebrate International Women's Day!

IWD serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made towards gender equality while highlighting the ongoing work needed to achieve it. This year’s theme of “inspire inclusion” is at the root of why we started Bubka. Our starting point is focused around the workplace through bridging the gap between breastfeeding & returning to work.  

We are inspired everyday by our Bubka Mums, who all have diverse stories navigating the world of motherhood and career.  We thought it would be great to showcase one of these inspiring mums. Introducing... mum of 2, channel 10 reporter, Pippa Sheehan.

She has been at the forefront of breaking stories, and everyday news in Australia and overseas. Storytelling is a passion Pippa has held for a long time, particularly sharing the stories of those who’ve enriched other people’s lives.

When we first met Pippa she was early into her Bubka breast pump journey.

Pippa Sheehan Breast Pump Bubka

How do you balance the different demands of being a new mum?

Being a new mum for the second time has a very different ring to it - different needs and a different focus for both kids. Being able to pump has meant others can feed our little guy, so I can spend time with our older son, one-on-one. I’m heading back to work a lot earlier than with our first - and while that’s really tough call, it’s been made a lot easier knowing I can keep feeding him breastmilk while juggling work and life.

Pippa Shehan Bubka Mum

Can you share some of the challenges you've faced while breastfeeding, and how did you overcome them? Any tips for other mothers in similar situations?

In 2020, I actually had a really rough start with breastfeeding, and had to exclusively pump for 8 weeks when our son was a newborn. His tongue tie was so strong (and undiagnosed!) he left me with some really serious, permanent damage. My breast pump at the time had me stuck on the couch or in bed, unable to do anything while I sat there… this time?

Bubka has been a total game changer for me - and for us as a family. It means I don’t have to sit still or stop doing things.

The washing, washing up, nappy changes, hangs with our older son and so much more can be done while I pump, and I am SO grateful. I’m also an artist, so being able to pump while creating is fantastic! It’s time I’ve regained, and more TIME makes such a huge difference to the overwhelm of every day life (washing, caring, cleaning, working and so much more).

Bubka Mum Pippa Shehan

Are there any resources or support groups you found particularly helpful?

We had incredible support from Bridget Ingle (IBCLC), and the website was also FABULOUS.

What was a surprising place you found yourself using your Bubka Move breast pump?

Honestly, the number of times I’ve actually been pumping in the car has surprised me! The makeup room at work is also a favourite, but more often than not I’m pumping in the car while between work and daycare pick up, or running errands while I’m working from home in my art studio.

What were some of the features you found useful about your Bubka Move breast pump?

The ability to just pop the pumps in your bra and keep doing things is the absolute best. I haven’t come across such a useful, functional product for breastfeeding life like the Bubka Move.

Bubka Mum Pippa Shehan Breast Pump


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