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Bubka PRO 2 Breast Pump Double

The Breast Pump Flange Guide

What is a breast pump flange?

A breast pump flange is the funnel-shaped piece that fits over the nipple and areola during pumping. It creates a seal around the breast, allowing the pump to extract milk effectively. Bubka Breast Pump flanges come in various sizes, ranging from 15mm to 27mm. Choosing the correct flange size is essential to ensure proper milk flow and prevent discomfort or nipple damage.

How to determine the right flange size?

Flange sizing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are a few steps to help you determine the correct flange size:

  1. Measure your nipple diameter: Using a ruler, measure the diameter of your nipple at its base.
  2. Add 2mm to your nipple diameter measurement: To allow for comfortable movement and prevent nipple rubbing.
  3. Choose the closest flange size: Compare your adjusted measurement to the available flange sizes and select the one that is closest in size.

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The importance of a proper fit

Using the correct flange size is crucial for several reasons:

  • Comfort: A flange that is too small or too large can cause discomfort, nipple pain, or even tissue damage. A proper fit ensures a comfortable pumping experience.
  • Optimal milk expression: When the flange fits correctly, it creates a vacuum seal around the breast, allowing the pump to extract milk efficiently. This leads to better milk flow and increased milk production.
  • Prevention of clogged ducts: The incorrect flange size can obstruct milk flow, leading to clogged ducts. By using the right flange size, you can minimize the risk of these complications.

Is there a checklist I can follow?

  • C – Centre Nipple: Your nipple should move freely and not touch the sides of the tunnel.
  • O – Only a Little Areola: Most of your areola should remain outside the tunnel.
  • M – Motion is Gentle and Rhythmic: Your breast should move gently with the pump’s suction.
  • F – Feels Comfortable: Pumping should not cause any pain
  • Y – Yields Breast Milk: Your breasts should feel emptied after pumping

Will my flange fit change over time?

Your nipple size can change throughout your breastfeeding journey.

It's advisable to re-size your nipples every three months or whenever you ordered your flanges.

If you experience unexpected changes in supply or discomfort while pumping, it may indicate a change of flange size is recommended.


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