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A Bubka Mum Story - Steph

A Bubka Mum Story - Steph

Bubka is more than just a hands-free breast pump, we are champions of empowerment. That's why we are showcasing inspiring stories of our amazing Bubka Mums who have embraced the freedom of breast pumping on the move.

Introducing Bubka Mum, Steph!

When we reached out to Steph, she was 1-month into her Bubka breast pump journey.

"My Bubka pumps have been an absolute game changer for me and my breastfeeding experience. The quality of this product has really made me question why I didn’t invest in them sooner!"

Bubka Mum with Bubka Pro 2 Breast Pump

"These pumps not only work the same if not better as a hospital grade pump, but give me the freedom and flexibility to go about my day and life as a mum. They come with me everywhere, like my phone, keys and lip balm"

Bubka Mum with Bubka Hands-Free Breast Pump Australia

"Bubka is multitasking at it's finest. It helps keep up with that busy life".

Bubka Mum with Bub Breast Pumping On-The-Go

We love this snap Steph & Marley (who is seamlessly changing Bubka breast pump modes)

And now it's time for Bubka Time-Saving Hack of the week: 

And to all our mums....

Happy Pumping!

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