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The flange or breast shield is the part of the Bubka Breast Pump that fits over the nipple and areola and creates suction to express milk.

How can I maximise my output?

  • We strongly recommend that you re-check your flange size using our Bubka Flange Guide  (as an example if you ordered a 17mm  is this still the correct size now?)

  • Ensure you are wearing a nursing bra that allows a snug fit for your Bubka Breast Pump

  • Once aligned and assembled, give your Bubka Breast Pump a really good press together to ensure it’s as tight as possible. This will guarantee you are getting the maximum suction

  • The key now is once you have popped on your Bubka Breast Pump, make sure it’s centred on your nipple. I find placing the collection cup on first then attaching the motor afterwards helps to see through the collection cup a little clearer. Once turned on, give it a light tug to ensure you can feel the suction on your skin, better yet, you might even be able to feel to letdown which will further confirm that the pump is sitting snug and centred on your nipple.

  • Check that your duckbill (the triangular piece) and your diaphragm (the circular piece) are secure and tight and there is no leftover milk residue on these pieces that would make them slippery - these two pieces are super important to ensure maximum suction as well as the motor.

  • Always check these silicone pieces between uses in case it’s time to replace your parts. We recommended replenishing Breast Pump Replacement Parts every 8 weeks (depending how often you pump).

  • Please check our specs on suction strength based on whether you have The Bubka OG, Pro 2 or Move Breast Pump.

If you have any questions, please email us directly ( or check out our how to series on IG (

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance xx

Happy Pumping!

Leish xx


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