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Measure, Use & Clean

👉 The Bubka Flange Guide

👉 The Bubka Move Instructions

👉 The Bubka Pro 2 & OG Instructions

The Cleaning 101s:

  • Start by washing all the silicone parts (excluding motor) with warm soapy water. Please remember to wash parts with warm soapy water between uses to remove any milk residue and minimise the risk of bacteria growth. In the meantime, don't forget to plug in your motor using the USB cable provided so you're full charged and ready to go!
  • Once all silicone and plastic parts are clean, you can sterilise in your usual way or by either boiling them for 5 minutes or by using a steam steriliser. Do not sterilise parts higher than 100 degrees Celsius. We recommend sterilising your parts once a day at least or between uses if you wish. 
  •  Air dry or dry all parts thoroughly with a clean towel 
  • Now that everything is cleaned and sterilised, once your motor is all charged up you're ready to pump!!

    What mode should I use when pumping?

    • Lactation increases gradually and mimics bub's sucking frequency. The frequency follows 3 short suctions + 1 long suction. The benefit about this mode is in addition to expressing breast milk efficiently, it also stimulates milk production

    • Expression gets straight to the point with long suction

    • Massage is a great way to begin your pump session to help make the process more comfortable and stimulate your letdown

    • Auto will automatically transition your pump session from massage to expression

    Depending on whether you get The Move, Pro 2 or OG Breast Pump, there are multiple levels of suction strength and speed, allowing you to find the most comfortable expression mode. The higher the setting, the more intense and slower the pulls. 
    Lots of mums think that the higher they set the strength, the more milk they’ll get. However, if you put the suction at a level that is painful for you, this can actually reduce the amount of milk that you pump, because pain can inhibit letdowns and cause nipple damage. And nobody wants that!

    How often should I charge my Bubka Breast Pump?

    How often you charge your bubka breast pump really depends on your frequency of use and the intensity on which you use it. We would recommend charging the motor between every second use to be on the safe side or at the end of each day if you're pumping on the go. The motors are USB chargeable so you could even recharge them in the car! Don't get caught out and about with no charge! 

    OK, I have pumped. How should I store my breastmilk?

    In our Bubka storage bags of course! 

    Bubka Breast Milk Reusable Bags are specifically designed to keep your breast milk fresh and safe for bub, made with BPA Free food grade silicone ensuring maximum protection. The bags are also pre-sterilized and can be directly stored in the fridge or freezer. With our convenient pour spout, transferring milk from bag to bottle is easy and mess-free.

    Each bag holds up to 250ml of breast milk and is packaged as a pack of 3 with complimentary write-on labels, allowing you to label the date and contents of each bag. They can be stored in the fridge (we recommend storing your milk at the back of the fridge) or in the freezer. 

    Bubka milk storage Bags can be reused over and over again, therefore having a lower carbon footprint compared disposable storage bags. In addition, as parents we know how expenses pile up quickly, Bubka Bags are cheaper in the long-term, as they do not need to be replaced as frequently as disposable options.

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